About Me:
The Story Behind the North Idaho Explorer

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for travel and love touring each new place I visit.

But growing up in North Idaho is something I took for granted.  

The beauty of evergreen mountains, pristine lakes, meandering streams, and open fields somehow seemed ordinary to me.

The spectacular beauty of this region was simply the backdrop I saw every day.  

I am embarrassed to admit that although I’ve lived in this remarkable region for over 4 decades, I’d hardly explored beyond my own back yard. 

Thus the exploration of North Idaho began.

Like Lewis and Clark and other great explorers did centuries ago as they traversed the wilderness,  I’m taking notes of my discoveries. 

Whenever I stumble upon a wondrous treasure, I’ll share it here. 

Whether you’ve lived in North Idaho all your life, just moved here, or are planning to visit, I hope you’ll find valuable tips within these pages, enabling you to savor your time here. 

The opportunities are limitless.

So take a moment, breathe deeply, and let yourself dream. 

You’ll never regret becoming intentional about the way you spend your time in this majestic country. 

Become a North Idaho Explorer today—and perhaps we’ll meet along the trail.

Here for the journey,